design can create desire...

It can improve intelligence, impact productivity, speak volumes, start a revolution and eliminate frustration.

elastic|synapse is a design and production consultancy specializing in strategy and creative execution for businesses through corporate identity, Web, print, collateral and multimedia. Most important, though, is helping clients realize their goals through these solutions.

recent highlights

Contemporary Insurance Services

Contemporary Insurance ServicesCIS is a well-respected and established firm offering a wide variety of specialized services for the health care industry. The process of designing an updated look and feel for the company began with branding & identity and moved on to building a wealth of marketing collateral around the newly-established theme.

CIS now has media kits and folders, targeted brochures and fact sheets, and new look binding it all together for a cohesive marketing strategy.
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Delphi Commercial Properties

delphicommercialproperties.comDelphi Commercial Properties is a full service commercial real estate brokerage company based in New York. I created the interface design and, using (X)HTML and CSS, built a set of functional templates.

Working with a back-end development company, I helped integrate the templates into the final, custom-built content management system. The final result is a clean, contemporary look that gives the client the ability to manage information for a large amount of properties.
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hannahwillman.comHannah Willman is a performer and music teacher in the Washington, DC area. She wanted an online presence that would highlight her musical theater experience, showcase photos from past productions, and help garner attention for additional work.

With a simple, classy style, the site presents Hannah's experience with an air of sophistication and uses simple javascript for interactive photo galleries.
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DLC Management Corp

DLC Management CorporationDLC Management Corporation manages commercial shopping center properties across the country. They recently exhibited at the 2007 International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) annual convention in Las Vegas and needed some dynamic animation for a series of flat screens within the large booth they had reserved.

This continues to be an evolving project, with additional video and music being added, but the fast-paced, well-targeted video was one piece in a large puzzle that drew record crowds to the DLC booth.
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Friends of the Rockville Library

Friends of the Rockville Library BrochureThe Rockville (Maryland) Public Library is on the cusp of a beautiful facility in the newly revitalized Rockville Town Center. Amidst park areas, retail shops and residences, the new library will be a hub for both education and recreation.
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National Council to Prevent Delinquency

National Council to Prevent Delinquency Web SiteIn an effort to help control graffiti and manage paint retailer regulations, NCPD needed a database driven site to help retailers navigate state and local laws, including search, data management and administration functions with secure, password access.
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Why "elastic synapse?"

On a basic level, a synapse is a junction across which cells of the nervous system pass signals to each other (or to muscles or glands). In this case, I'm talking specifically about the conductive link between two abutting neurons in the brain. My fascination with mind|brain|body interaction began some years ago, and adding elasticity to the equation seemed like a good metaphor for seeing how far the mind could be pulled in any given direction when it came to fostering creativity. The elastic synapse logo represents a simplified technical drawing of a synaptic vesicle full of neurotransmitters.

And that, my friends, is probably much more than you wanted to know...